Arab Unity School Careers In Dubai


School NameArab Unity School 
Job LocationDubai, UAE
NationalityOpen For Everyone
EducationHigh School/Diploma/Degree
ExperienceAs per the Job description salary
Salary RangeDepends on the Position Specified
BenefitsSalary + Other Allowances
Posted Date17th Sept 2023

About Arab Unity School:

Arab Unity School is to provide a stimulating learning environment that inspires our students to realize their potential and molds them into accountable, trustworthy, and forward-thinking leaders within the international community.

The mission of Arab Unity School is to provide an accessible education that builds a strong foundation of knowledge, technological competence, and fundamental life skills. Our goal is to provide our pupils the tools they need to develop into responsible, responsible people who actively contribute to society.

The National Curriculum of England is followed at Arab Unity School, giving children a solid educational foundation. While Years 12 and 13 are devoted to A Levels, Year 11 pupils are getting ready for the Cambridge IGCSE exams. We include UAE-specific lessons that promote holistic development and improve students’ awareness of regional and global issues to our curriculum to enrich it.

We would like to send a warm welcome to Arab Unity School, a prestigious institution founded on October 2, 1974, by Mr. Abdul Hussain Taher and Mrs. Zainab A Taher. Their great goal of providing all people with access to high-quality education has driven our school for more than 40 years. We have seen incredible growth throughout this period, raising children who are models of respect, dependability, and resilience and preparing them to succeed as future leaders in our fast-paced and cutthroat global society.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Arab Unity School has particular skills and standards for each job to guarantee the delivery of high-quality services and education. While specific requirements may vary based on the position, the following are typical requirements:

  1. qualifications in terms of degrees and certificates
  2. (For teaching roles) Previous teaching experience
  3. strong interpersonal and communication abilities
  4. English proficiency, both spoken and written
  5. knowledge of educational technology (for certain roles)

Benefits and Compensation

Arab Unity School appreciates its staff and provides a variety of perks in addition to competitive pay scales. The following are only a few of the perks offered to the staff:

  1. attractive pay with yearly raises
  2. Having health insurance
  3. Vacation time and federal holidays
  4. chances for professional growth
  5. a collaborative workplace
  6. cutting-edge resources and facilities

Salary & benefits Of Arab Unity School Jobs:

The pay and perks offered by positions at Arab Unity School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, might change based on the position and the skills and experience of the applicant. Arab Unity School, a recognized school of higher learning, works to provide attractive remuneration packages to draw and retain skilled workers.

Here are some typical perks provided in the education industry, however it is better to get the specifics of pay and benefits directly from the school’s Human Resources department or by consulting the job listings:

  1. Competitive Salary: Arab Unity School aims to offer a competitive salary package that aligns with industry standards and the candidate’s qualifications and experience. The salary is typically determined based on the specific job position and the candidate’s expertise.
  2. Health Insurance: The school often provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for its employees, which includes medical and dental care. This benefit ensures that employees have access to quality healthcare services.
  3. Housing Allowance: Depending on the position and contract terms, Arab Unity School may offer a housing allowance or assistance with accommodation. This benefit can help employees cover their housing expenses in Dubai, which is known for its vibrant real estate market.
  4. Annual Leave: Employees at Arab Unity School usually receive annual leave entitlement, allowing them to take time off for personal and family needs. The duration of annual leave may vary based on the employee’s position and length of service.
  5. Professional Development: The school often encourages and supports professional growth by providing opportunities for training, workshops, and professional development programs. This helps employees enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest educational practices.
  6. End-of-Service Benefits: As per UAE labor laws, employees are entitled to end-of-service benefits, which are typically based on the duration of employment. These benefits serve as a financial reward for the employee’s service to the school and are paid upon the completion of the employment contract.

It is important to note that specific salary and benefits packages can vary for each job position, and it is recommended to refer to the school’s official job listings or contact their HR department for accurate and up-to-date information regarding salary and benefits for a particular role.

List Of Available Teaching Positions In Arab Unity School Careers ( New Jobs Updates):

Job TitleLocation  Apply Now
Class TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
English TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
PE TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
Music TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
Islamic Teacher(Non Arabs)Dubai UAE View & Apply Now
Maths TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
Biology TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
French TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
Art TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
ICT TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
PE TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
Physics TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now
Media Studies TeacherDubai UAE View & Apply Now

How To Apply For Arab Unity School Careers In Dubai UAE?

Start by going to the Arab Unity School Careers, UAE official website and selecting the “Careers” or “Job Opportunities” tab. Examine the open opportunities and their criteria, then choose the ones that best suit your experience and credentials. Prepare your application materials, which should include an updated resume/CV and a persuasive cover letter that demonstrates your interest in working at Arab Unity School and your relevant expertise.

To submit your application—whether via an online form or by email—follow the website’s instructions. You can also think about contacting the school again to find out how your application is progressing. Maintain professionalism throughout the procedure, making sure you fulfill all deadlines and follow all instructions.  Arab Unity School Careers

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