Mowasalat Jobs in Dubai & Qatar

Company Name Mowasalat
Job LocationDubai UAE & Qatar
NationalityAny Nationality Can Apply
EducationHigh School/Diploma/Degree
ExperienceAs per Job demand salary
Salary RangeDepends on Position specified benefits
Benefits Good Salary + Benefits (Allowances)
 Vacancies Many Vacancies Available (All Category)
Posted Date7th Sept 2023

About Mowasalat Company:

State-owned transportation business Mowasalat, often known as the Qatar Public Transport business, is situated in Doha, Qatar. The main goal of Mowasalat, which was founded in 2004, is to create and provide effective public transportation services across the nation. In order to meet the demands of both locals and tourists, Mowasalat runs a wide array of transportation services under the brand name “Karwa,” including buses, taxis, and limos. Mowasalat Jobs in Dubai

The bus service provided by Mowasalat, known as Karwa Bus, has a wide network of routes that span all of Qatar, making it a cheap and convenient means of transportation for commuters. The business also runs Karwa Taxi, a practical on-demand taxi service that transports customers all around the nation. For individuals looking for a high-end experience, Mowasalat offers Karwa VIP, a limousine service that offers opulent cars and qualified drivers for a relaxing and individualized transportation experience.

To increase the convenience and effectiveness of its services overall, Mowasalat has introduced cutting-edge technology including mobile applications for booking cabs and buses as part of its commitment to continual development. As a significant participant in Qatar’s public transportation system, Mowasalat helps to create and preserve the nation’s infrastructure while offering its clients safe, dependable, and effective transportation alternatives.

Eligibility Criteria In Mowasalat Jobs In Qatar

For each employment post, Mowasalat has particular qualifications for applicants. Although the requirements may change based on the position, the following are some typical standards:

  1. minimum educational requirements, such as a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree
  2. Work experience that is relevant (number of years, experience in a certain industry)
  3. a valid driver’s license (for jobs like bus driver);
  4. English proficiency, both spoken and written
  5. Interpersonal and communication abilities that are good
  6. Being able to collaborate with others and adjust to a changing work environment Understanding local traffic laws and routes (for drivers)
  7. Any other qualifications or authorizations pertinent to the position

To make sure you satisfy the eligibility standards for any position you are interested in, it is crucial to thoroughly research the job description and prerequisites.

Walk-In Interview Process In Mowasalat Careers

You will get an invitation for an interview with Mowasalat after your application has been selected. Depending on the position and level of the function you are applying for, the interview procedure may change. The following phases may often be included in the Mowasalat interview process:

  1. Initial screening: To determine your fitness for the role and address any preliminary queries, this may comprise a telephone or video interview.
  2. Person-to-Person Interview: If you pass the first screening, Mowasalat will invite you for a face-to-face interview. The recruiting manager or a panel of interviewers will most likely conduct this interview.
  3. Technical Evaluation: Depending on the job’s requirements, you may have to take a technical evaluation or practical exam to gauge your skills and abilities
  4. Mowasalat appreciates workers who share their fundamental beliefs and display the appropriate characteristics, according to a behavioral assessment. Your capacity for problem-solving, judgment, collaboration, and customer service may all be evaluated
  5. Final Interview: If you pass the preliminary rounds, senior management or other important decision-makers could contact you for a final interview. This interview tries to determine how well you fit with the culture and long-term objectives of the company.

It’s critical to be ready for each step of the interview process by learning about the business, practicing typical interview questions, and highlighting your pertinent qualifications.

List Of Available Positions In Mowasalat Jobs In Dubai & Qatar:

Numerous positions are available at Mowasalat in several departments. There are roles available that match your abilities and interests, regardless of whether you have experience in operations, maintenance, customer service, or administration. The following are some of the roles that are often open at Mowasalat: Mowasalat Jobs in Dubai

  • Bus Drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Operations Supervisors
  • Administrators
  • Accountants
  • Marketing Executives
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • IT Specialists

These are just a few examples of the diverse roles Mowasalat offers. They provide equal opportunities for both experienced professionals and fresh graduates to join their teams.

You may send your application to

How to Apply For Mowasalat Jobs in Dubai?

Ok, it is great to avail of an opportunity like this. Whenever you get a chance to apply for a Dubai job then you must apply for it, but please keep in mind always modify your CV before applying for any jobs. Now please read the following paragraph very carefully.

Following is the direct email address to apply for Transport Company jobs in Dubai and across UAE. Please send your updated CV to the following email address. Please keep in mind that you must write the subject as your profession or the job you are applying for. For example, if you want to apply for a clerk job in Dubai then in the Subject line you must write ” Apply for the post of Clerk”. And, in the email body just write a short introduction about yourself. If you have any questions please feel free to write down below in the comments section. I will try my level best to answer all your queries.

We would highly recommend you modify your CV as per the company’s profile or as per the job description. By this, your chances of getting jobs in Dubai will automatically be increased. We wish you the best of luck. 

Direct Company Email: Send your CV to the Following Email Address

KGL Passenger Transport Services is constantly looking for professional talent for all sectors of public transport.

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