ALDAU Development – Real Estate Properties Construction Job And Career Prospect 2024

 As housing increases and the need for properties keep on soaring, real estate properties and construction come as solutions. The solutions also indicate the possible job, career, or employment aspect in the future. You can see it from ALDAU development, a real estate and construction under the Sami Saad holding group. What kind of jobs to expect?

Who are ALDAU Development
Being part of Sami Saad Holding group explains the company’s quality in being a properties or real estate development industry. The company has its projects and job scopes following Sami Saad Holding’s business. Thus, bringing a high reputation to its name and diverse possible job possibilities. To date, the company has a range of Real Estate projects.

Most of them are known for bringing the best of excellent real estate services and hospitality. The portfolio also covers a range of projects from 2015, and 2016, to different types of subsidiaries’ real estate. It explains how the company can provide enough job ranges for everyone. This, highlight the chance for job seekers to join the real estate company.

For more, the properties under its management and project cover different types and ranges of the touristic promenade. Some others include penthouses and fully finished apartments. Some others also include beachfront luxurious, residential apartments, world-renowned associates, and many others underway projects.

About ALDAU Development Jobs Opportunities:

🏨 Company Name: ALDAU Development
🌐 Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
🎯 Job Profile: 79 Open Jobs
💰 Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by ALDAU Development Recruiting
🔍 Recruitment: ALDAU Development Careers and Jobs Vacancy
📍 Job Location: Jobs in Egypt
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
🎓 Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
🏆 Experience: Mandatory
🛡️ Benefits: Competitive
🗓️ Last Updated on: 17th December 2023
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified

Job properties and career opportunities
As the company is focusing on properties and real estate development you can expect some of the best construction job opportunities. ALDAU development also has various projects and possible work maintenance, which also increases the chance of job prospects in the future. You can even expect more in the future, especially with a new project hitting the day.

In this case, the job details are far more than you can expect. Some of the best deals are office-related jobs comprising ranges of development and legal process. But you can also expect some field positions that will take care of the project directly. In this case, you will need to check out the job details to ensure you are up and capable of it.

Some of the best and expected jobs include assistant corporate secretary, property consultant, lawyer, and many more. Due to the highest legal and complex jobs in the construction industry, ALDAU development has pretty high qualifications and requirement for it. All because the jobs also compose very sensitive matters.

The company will work with many customers, realtors, and legal, and residential, laws, and has a huge role in ensuring property development safety. Thus, it is not a mere job for everyone. Sometimes, the company even highlights significant points to represent and protect the company against violations or legal risks. So, if you are up for the job, be sure you are qualified.

Qualification and requirement
ALDAU development does not take lightly its job seekers’ qualifications. Every position, mostly the high-end and vital role, will have at least a bachelor’s degree in relevant skills and capabilities. The company also looking for excellent communication skills, high analytical capability, negotiation skills, computer proficiency, and experience (preferably more than one year).

🔥 List Of ALDAU Development Current Job and Career Opportunities:

ALDAU Development, Hospitality Division is looking to hire talented candidates for:

  1. Steigenberger ALDAU Beach Hotel – 5-Star Hotel – Hurghada
  2. Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel – 5-Star Hotel
  3. Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle – 5-Star Hotel – Hurghada
  4. Hyatt Regency Cairo West – 5-Star Hotel
  5. Holiday Inn An Ihg Hotel
Job ProfilLocationAction
Executive Office
Hotel ManagerEgyptApply Here
Executive Assistant ManagerEgyptApply Here
Rooms Division ManagerEgyptApply Here
PA to GMEgyptApply Here
Director of SalesEgyptApply Here
Asst. Director of SalesEgyptApply Here
Senior Sales ManagerEgyptApply Here
Sales ManagerEgyptApply Here
Marketing ManagerEgyptApply Here
Asst. Marketing ManagerEgyptApply Here
Marketing CoordinatorEgyptApply Here
Digital Marketing CoordinatorEgyptApply Here
Graphic DesignerEgyptApply Here
CopywriterEgyptApply Here
Front Office ManagerEgyptApply Here
Asst. FO ManagerEgyptApply Here
Night ManagerEgyptApply Here
FO SupervisorEgyptApply Here
ReceptionistEgyptApply Here
Food Safety
Food Safety Mgr.EgyptApply Here
Guest Relation
Guest Relation ManagerEgyptApply Here
Asst. Guest Relation Mgr.EgyptApply Here
Guest Relation SupervisorEgyptApply Here
Guest Relation AgentEgyptApply Here
Chief EngineeringEgyptApply Here
Asst. Chief EngineeringEgyptApply Here
Maintenance EngineerEgyptApply Here
Health & Safety Mgr.EgyptApply Here
Interior DesignerEgyptApply Here
TechnicianEgyptApply Here
Human Resources
HR DirectorEgyptApply Here
Assistant HR ManagerEgyptApply Here
L&D DirectorEgyptApply Here
Assistant L&D Mgr.EgyptApply Here
HR SupervisorEgyptApply Here
HR SpecialistEgyptApply Here
Purchasing ManagerEgyptApply Here
Asst. Purchasing Mgr.EgyptApply Here
Purchasing SupervisorEgyptApply Here
Financial ControllerEgyptApply Here
Asst. Financial ControllerEgyptApply Here
Cost ControllerEgyptApply Here
Chief AccountantEgyptApply Here
PayableEgyptApply Here
CashierEgyptApply Here
Laundry ManagerEgyptApply Here
Asst. Laundry Mgr.EgyptApply Here
Laundry SupervisorEgyptApply Here
PresserEgyptApply Here
ValetEgyptApply Here
Laundry WorkerEgyptApply Here
Executive HousekeeperEgyptApply Here
Asst. Housekeeping Mgr.EgyptApply Here
Housekeeping SupervisorEgyptApply Here
Rooms & PA AttendantEgyptApply Here
Security ManagerEgyptApply Here
Assistant Security Mgr.EgyptApply Here
Security SupervisorEgyptApply Here
Security OfficerEgyptApply Here
F&B Service
F&B DirectorEgyptApply Here
Asst. F&B DirectorEgyptApply Here
F&B ManagerEgyptApply Here
Outlet ManagerEgyptApply Here
HeadwaiterEgyptApply Here
CaptainEgyptApply Here
WaiterEgyptApply Here
F&B Kitchen
Executive ChefEgyptApply Here
Executive Sous ChefEgyptApply Here
Sous Chef Demi ChefEgyptApply Here
Chef De PartieEgyptApply Here
1st Commis ChefEgyptApply Here
2nd Commis ChefEgyptApply Here
3rd Commis ChefEgyptApply Here
F&B Stewarding
Chief StewardingEgyptApply Here
Asst. Chief Stewarding.EgyptApply Here
Stewarding SupervisorEgyptApply Here
StewardEgyptApply Here
IT ManagerEgyptApply Here
Asst. IT ManagerEgyptApply Here
IT SupervisorEgyptApply Here

How to join the company?

To apply, please drop your updated resume with recent photo to:

If working in development, real estate, construction, or properties is your dream, you can always consider some of the jobs from the ALDAU development. The company has listed its available job opening through its official career and job portal. You can find it on the official site and click the career menu option.

On the career page or job portals, you will find a range of available jobs. It comes with all of the information regarding the job details, including requirements, responsibilities, deadlines, locations, and many more. The career and job portal also provides a direct link to apply. You only need to fill out the form, upload the CV and cover letter and send it.

Another great option to send your job application is through the LinkedIn account. The account is under the name of ALDAU development. If you use the platform, be sure you got your profile updated and maxed out to explain your capabilities. It will be your cover letter, resume, and CV. So, complete it and check out the job opening from the official ALDAU development account.

At the end of the day, working in a big company in the middle east will come with certain qualifications, requirements, and competition. You will need to pick the best job that fit your qualification and capabilities; thus, you got the best chance of joining ALDAU. Don’t forget to prepare the best resume and CV, so you can get the best chance to get accepted.

Good Luck To You

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