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Unlock enriching Centro Corniche Al Khobar jobs. Join our dedicated team committed to delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. Explore Centro Corniche Al Khobar jobs across various departments, from guest services to culinary arts and management. Enjoy competitive Centro Corniche Al Khobar benefits, a supportive work environment, and opportunities for career advancement. Shape your future with Centro Corniche Al Khobar and be part of creating memorable stays for guests in our vibrant and welcoming atmosphere

 The hospitality industry is one of the working industries with many enthusiasts, especially people who love to meet new people and work in new places and areas. If you dream of working in this industry, there are many options you can choose. One of the best options you can consider is Centro Corniche Al Khobar.

A Brief Overview
Centro corniche is a hotel with a modern, stylish, and affordable lifestyle. The contemporary, chic, and casual vibes are vibrant, making this hotel a perfect place for people who desire to stay in a trendy and modern place with affordable money. The location of this hotel is very strategic and close to the shopping malls, attractions, and corporate houses.

This hotel has at least 253 rooms with different room types, such as regular rooms, studios, and suites. Each room is specially designed to maximize space with good lighting and entertainment equipment. Also, every room has modern furniture and interior, which makes Centro Corniche look classy.

Some amenities provided by the hotel for the guests who stay here include Wi-Fi with a high-speed connection, a TV completed with multi-satellite channels, and many more. Every room also has safety boxes and tea or coffee makers, making the guests here feel like they are in their own homes.

Here, the guests can enjoy all the facilities, such as the restaurants and eateries, lounge with a rooftop view, and outdoor pool with mesmerizing views. Also, Centro Corniche has a dining room service that operates for 24 hours, seven contemporary meeting rooms equipped with the latest audio and visual technology, a fitness and gym center, and many more.

The Job Opportunities

Name of Company: Centro Corniche Al Khobar
Primary Sector: Hospitality
Job Profile: 5 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Centro Corniche Al Khobar Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Centro Corniche Al Khobar Jobs – Rotana Careers
Job Location: Jobs in Saudi Arabia
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per Saudi Arabia Labor Law
Last Updated on: 15th February 2024
Closing Date: Not Specified

Recently, Centro Corniche opens for new workers in the hotelier and guest experience-related positions. It is perfect offers for those who seeks new career opportunities in this field. Some positions needed for now such as sales manager, reservation agent, and housekeeping attendant.

Although those three jobs related to the guest-experience, each job position has their own duties and responsibilities. For sales manager, the candidate will have the main duties to do any managerial stuffs and reaching the target that has been set, including promoting the sales leads in respective areas.

Meanwhile, the candidate who passionate as a housekeeping attendant must know that they will do some several jobs if shortlisted, mainly related to the guest’s rooms and the hotels cleaning things. Then, reservation agent job’s represent with the name, which the main duties related to reservation things and stuffs.

Requirements and Qualifications
What the candidate have to prepare when willing to working in this company is they must have the qualifications needed. Only those who master the qualifications needed by the hotel will shortlisted and chosen as the strong candidate for working at here. That is why you have to be serious about the requirements and qualifications asks for.

Because the hotel is a hospitality industry, the most qualification needed are friendly and guest-oriented. It is because guests is always be the main prioritize for Centro Corniche, so these two skills are the most needed qualifications. Other skills must be mastered by the candidate such as communication skills, English ability, and computer literacy.

Unfortunately, the job vacancy in this hotel is not suitable for those who are a fresh graduate and doesn’t have any experience in the related fields before. Mostly, the job vacancies on this hotel require at least a year experience in the relevant field, so the candidate have to seek for any experience first if they wish to work here.

  1. Sales Manager

Currently, there is an opportunity for job seekers who desire to build up their careers as sales managers. As a sales manager, the candidate will have the main duties such as ensuring coverage of any related managerial stuff, reaching the target set, and promoting the sales leads in their respective areas.

Other things the candidate will do when working as a sales manager are to provide feedback on marketing conditions, establish and maintains the major accountant, and ensure the selling strategies by negotiations to maximize the selling and meet the target. Those are all things the candidate must do if they choose to work as a sales manager.

To be a sales manager, the candidate must meet the requirements set up by Centro Corniche. The skills and qualifications the candidates must have at least two years’ experience in a related job, a degree in sales, familiarity with computer literacy, excellent presentation and communication skills, and good oral and written English

  1. Housekeeping Attendant.

As a housekeeping attendant in Centro Corniche, there are some responsibilities that the candidates must do. The key duties as a housekeeping attendant include receiving assignments from the supervisor, cleaning the rooms and bathrooms, clearing the emergency exits and stairs, checking and reporting if any maintenance is needed, and picking up the litter.

The candidates have other duties such as vacuuming the carpets and polishing the furniture, making the bed and cleaning the facilities or amenities in every room, replenishing bathrooms and room supplies, and cleaning the guests’ toilet articles. Also, the candidate must remove the room’s service tray and inform the valet service if any laundry is to be picked up.

The candidate must have some skills and experience before applying as a housekeeping attendant. The candidate should have vocational training in a hotel’s housekeeping department, and good English knowledge is a plus. The candidate also must be a friendly, caring, and dedicated person.

  1. Reservations Agent

The last job opportunity currently available in Centro Corniche is reservations agent. As a reservation agent, the candidate must process and confirm the reservations made by the guests from every platform used, input the information regarding the reservation to the computer, be up to date with the hotel promotions and around the hotel, understand rate management, and maintain all correspondence.

List of Centro Corniche Al Khobar Jobs Opportunities

Position AvailableLocationAction
Human Resources Manager – Saudi NationalKhobar, Saudi ArabiaApply Here
HousekeeperKhobar, Saudi ArabiaApply Here
Host / Hostess – Saudi NationalKhobar, Saudi ArabiaApply Here
ElectricianKhobar, Saudi ArabiaApply Here
Government Relations Officer – Saudi NationalKhobar, Saudi ArabiaApply Here

How to apply for a job

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Get to Know Career Opportunities at Centro Corniche Al Khobar 2024

If you are interested in working in Centro Corniche Al Khobar, ensure you meet all the requirements before applying for the available job. Do not forget to prepare your best resume and CV, because these two documents will describe your background, skills, and experiences.

To apply for working in this hotel, you must visit their official site on rotana.com/centrohotels. Here, you can find detailed information about the hotel and its services and facilities. Commonly, the career button for other company is on the bottom of the site, but this hotel apply different on their site.

You can find the career button on the upper right corner of the site. Click on it and you will be directed to rotanacareers.com, which have lots of job vacancies from others hotel. To get job vacancies of Centro Corniche Al Khobar, you can type the company on the search bar and click on the job position you likely to apply for.

Being a modern and stylish hotel with an affordable price makes Centro Corniche Al Khobar having lots of guests every day. This means that this hotel is perfect for people who wants to build up their career on a big and reputable hotel. If you desired to working here, do not forget to visit their official site and prepare your best resume to get shortlisted!

Other main duties the candidate must do as a reservation agent are promote and maintain good public relations, pick up every call with the hotel’s standards and policy, organize requests regarding visas for the guests following the hotel’s policy, and up-selling whether there is an opportunity.

The skills and qualifications required to be a reservation agent include a diploma or degree in hospitality, previous experience in hotel reservations, and computer skills. Excellent communication skills and English ability, both written and oral, are also needed.

If you are interested in working in Centro Corniche Al Khobar, ensure you meet all the requirements before applying for the available job. You can find it on Centro hotel’s official site for more information about the hotel and its job opportunities.

Good Luck to You

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